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A BPHS "Virtual Book"

Published by Baker Perkins Historical Society

Publication No: BPHS VB02

Other “Virtual Books” planned or available to date:

Other conventional books produced by the Baker Perkins Historical Society:

  • BPHS 001 A History of the CPO
  • BPHS 002 A Hundred Years of Baker Perkins at Westwood Works 1903-2003
  • BPHS 003 Memories of the Baker Perkins Sports and Social Club
  • BPHS 004 Baker Perkins – Not Just a Place to Work
  • BPHS 005 Growing Our Own Wood – Development of the Baker Perkins Apprenticeship Scheme
  • BPHS 006 Through the Years: Baker Perkins People and Places

More information on the development of Baker Perkins Ltd, its subsidiaries and associated companies and the Baker Perkins Group as a whole, can be found on two websites – and .

Frontispiece: the weathervane on the Customs House, Peterborough

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