A Miscellany of Baker Perkins’ Bits and Pieces

Putting a Collection of Artefacts into their historical context

John Burnham, a founder member of the Baker Perkins Historical Society Committee, has gathered a collection of photographs of Baker Perkins artefacts belonging to ex-employees and/or on exhibition elsewhere. John’s intention was to record those objects that were unsuitable for lodging at Peterborough Museum or in the Baker Perkins Archive being developed at Peterborough Central Library, or which were only on loan from their keepers.

Other collections exist in Museums and it is intended to make as complete a list as possible of these to add to this summary.

This, the first of what is planned as a series of such “virtual books”, is part of a process aimed at making access easier to the vast amount of information contained in the Society’s two websites. It will be seen that the format of this “virtual book” is much like that of a conventional printed volume with ‘chapters’, indexes and subjects, but with the relevant website text accessed via a number of electronic ‘links’. In this particular instance, each of the artefacts can easily be placed in its historical context within the overall development of the Baker Perkins Group.



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