Paul Pfleiderer, a naturalised German, was born on 1st January 1848. He arrived in London in 1873 and established himself as the inventor of the Universal Mixer contracting for the supply of machines embodying "his" principles which he first patented in 1875. (NOTE: The "Universal" kneading machine was, in fact, invented by Paul Freyburger who received a royal patent in Wurttemburg in 1873 . Paul Pfleiderer purchased the "world rights for all time" from Freyburger for 900 marks, helping Hermann Werner to develop it on his occasional visits to Cannstatt). He also sold equipment imported from the Mixing and Kneading Machinery Works of Cannstatt, Stuttgart, Germany, owned by Hermann Pfleiderer & Company.

In 1880, Hermann Werner took control of the Hermann Pfleiderer works, formed the firm of Werner & Pfleiderer and took control of the agency at Upper Ground Street, London. Paul Pfleiderer continued to sell machinery imported from Cannstatt until, in 1885, Hermann Werner, wishing to take a closer interest in the activities of his London agent, established the London partnership of Werner & Pfleiderer. Paul Pfleiderer was given a small share in the business and the selling rights within the British Empire for the machinery made in Cannstatt.

Hermann Werner appears to have made a greater success of developing his company than did Paul Pfleiderer. The Cannstatt firm opened branches in several countries and built a factory in America (See History of Saginaw) but it was soon agreed that Paul Pfleiderer should cease to have any ownership in the company and to merely work for Werner with a small share of the London profits – if any. Despite entreaties from Werner to give up and return to Cannstatt, Paul Pfleiderer struggled on in London against rising debts and worsening health.

He saw a union with A.M. Perkins & Sons Ltd - with its manufacturing resources in Regent Square and its successful selling organisation – as a way out of his predicament.

See History of Werner, Pfleiderer & Perkins Ltd.

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