Some of the machines and process plant designed and manufactured at the Baker Perkins Inc. factory in Saginaw, Michigan over the years. More illustrations of Saginaw bakery and chemical equipment can be found in relevant parts of the text throughout these websites.

Saginaw-built dough mixers at a bakery in Jackson, Michigan Machining a mixer blade in the Saginaw factory Working on a chemical mixer gearbox in Saginaw The Customer Research and Demonstration Centre at Saginaw Inside one of the test cells in the Research Centre High output gas-fired tray oven produces 180 loaves per minute Production of twin-screw mixers at Saginaw
Pods being readied for despatch from Saginaw See caption on photograph Vertical mixer for rocket propellants Saginaw built dough mixer at a Maryland bakery Baking plant in Maryland 252ft biscuit oven is built and assembled at Saginaw so that it can be supplied pre-erected. Vertical mixer for explosives at an Italian plant.
A line of Pods refining lubricating oil in Taiwan. Baker Perkins Inc colour flusher Machining a basket for a pusher centrifuge in Saginaw. Ko-Kneader used in plastics and anode paste preparation for the aluminium industry Baker Perkins Inc, Saginaw Inside the Saginaw Drawing Office Saginaw Machine Shop
  Saginaw assembly shop - 1961 Saginaw Plant Saginaw Office Building Saginaw Drawing Office Petersen Bun Pan Oven Petersen Travelling Tray Oven
Petersen Roast-N-Bake Oven Stabilized Travelling Tray Bread Cooler
Travelling Tray Cooler Depan-o-Matic Depan-o-Matic and De-Lidder with DGF Tray Oven Travelling Tray Bread Cooler Travelling Rack Bread Cooler
Rotary Moulder and Wire Cut M/c on Steel Band Plant 38" x 200 ft Steel Band Biscuit Oven Delivery end of Biscuit Plant Single-Lap DGF Travelling Tray Oven 80ft x 10ft 2" DGF Tunnel Bread Oven 60ftx 9ft DGF Tunnel Oven Single Lap Travelling Tray Oven
Cake Production Line 60ft x 9ft DGF Tunnel Oven baking pies Bulk Flour Storage Bins Bulk Flour Storage and Handling Plant Control Panel Pneumatic Flour Car Unloader Pneumatic Flour Plant Bulk Flour Car Unloader
Stabilised Tray Final Proofer Dough Make-up Plant Moulder-Twister-Panners Travelling Rack Final Proofer Travelling Tray Final Proofer Travelling Tray Final Proofer Travelling Tray Final Proofer
Bread Dough Mixers Flour Bins for Biscuit Flour          

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