Both Joseph Baker & Sons Ltd and Werner Pfleiderer & Perkins Ltd had developed a presence in Australia at around the turn of the century, both companies having established sales offices by the onset of WW1.The War created major problems with the supply of equipment from England, making necessary arrangements for some local manufacture. The Werner Pfleiderer & Perkins representative, W.H. Lawrence had developed a relationship with a local engineering company run by the Gordon Brothers and by the time that the two English companies had merged in 1920, local manufacture was well established. The new company, by now called Baker Perkins Ltd., exhibited in the Australian pavilion at the Wembley Exhibition of 1924 (See also Trade Exhibitions), and in the following year Allan R. Baker went out to review the entire Australian business and a subsidiary company, Baker Perkins Pty. Ltd., was formed in 1925 to absorb the old Australian sales agency.

The full history of the development of Baker Perkins Pty and its sister companies is told in The History of Baker Perkins in Australasia.

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