Pavailler Machinery Sales Inc, New Jersey, USA was acquired by Baker Perkins in 1980, together with its parent, Pavailler SA, Valance, France, as part of the move to develop a broader presence in the international bakery market, Pavailler SA designed and manufactured in France and Italy a range of machinery and ovens for small 'artisan' bakeries. – specialising in the production of French bread, particularly the "baguette". and also had a substantial export business to Africa and the Middle East..

Pavailler Machinery Sales Inc. employed a Manager, 2 secretaries and a Baker/Sales trainee in a 2,000 sq. ft. building, split into offices, workshop and showroom area. Almost all sales were packages of equipment for new bakeries - the baker/sales trainee being hired out to customers to help them get into business. It sold about sixty ovens per year, representing approximately half of its total turnover of some $2.5M (1982), the remainder being various items of bakery equipment.

All equipment sold was supplied by the parent company, 50% of sales being concluded between Pavailler and the end-user, most of the remainder being sold through commission salesmen. A small proportion was through regional dealers.

Pavailler Machinery Sales Inc. was sold by APV in 1994 together with the rest of the Pavailler business.

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