Canadian Baker Perkins offices and factory - date unknown - but thought to be circa 1938.

The Canadian firm had a special relationship within the Group as it was at Trenton, Ontario that the foundations of the Baker business were laid by Joseph Baker when he invented a flour scoop and sifter. Food, chemical and laundry machinery were manufactured at Brampton for many years. The company started life as Joseph Baker’s Ltd in 1870 and was liquidated in 1919 after being sold to Joseph Baker Sons & Perkins (Canada) Ltd. It was renamed Canadian Baker Perkins in 1923 and in 1930 became a subsidiary of Baker Perkins Inc. Just before WW2 the headquarters of the company was transferred from Brantford, Ontario to Brampton, Toronto.

(PLEASE NOTE: Brampton is in the Greater Toronto Area, less than 20 miles from the City centre, whilst  Brantford is situated approximately 56 miles to the south-west of Toronto).

Elmer Baker’s younger brother, Joseph Albert Baker joined the Canadian company in 1921 and transferred to Baker Perkins Inc. in 1930 before moving back to Canada in the late 1930’s. During this time, and until her retirement in 1950, J.A. Baker’s sister, Miss Marguerite Baker was the secretary-treasurer of the Canadian company. After WW2, J.A. Baker returned to Saginaw, being elected president in 1950.

Food, chemical and laundry equipment were still being manufactured at Brampton in the 1960’s but in June 1975 the closure of the factory was announced and was completed by September 1975. The demand for bakery equipment in Canada had been insufficient over several years to support a continuing profitable manufacturing operation. Production was transferred to the Baker Perkins Inc. Saginaw factory.

1980 Organisation Chart

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