Sam Moscrip, the youngest brother of Mrs Joseph Allen Baker, started as a salesman with Joseph Baker & Sons in 1879. He settled in New Zealand in 1924 as the firm's first agent. Jack Lawrence joined him to install bakery equipment shipped from England, remained to make further installations as new plant arrived, and eventually took Moscrip's place. For many years he was the only Baker Perkins salesman and engineer regularly travelling over both islands.

Record levels of turnover and profits were achieved throughout the second half of the 50's. and early 60's with the New Zealand operation doubling its turnover. As the New Zealand market grew in importance, a separate New Zealand company was created in 1954, with its headquarters in Auckland but under the control of the Australian company. Jack Lawrence became its managing director with G.B.G. King as chairman.

For more details of the development of the New Zealand business, see History of Baker Perkins in Australasia.

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